Some of those jobs are still going to migrate back down to Cincinnati, where Federated is located. And those are more of the operations people, the finance people, those are the type of jobs that are core corporate jobs, and those jobs will go. So it's not that there won't be something (of a) direct impact locally. There will be some.

We're trying to get the investigation wrapped up. Obviously, it's a horrible and tragic situation for the families of the Christensens.

Corporations held back over the past few years while profits remained strong, so they're now investing in people and building capacity for continued growth.

We want to make these people feel like Athens is their home.

We've been burning our cell phones up trying to do this ourselves. Now, we really need the community to step up. We need help today.

Confirms our belief that the rangers' actions were justified.

We don't know the cause of death, but there was a knocked-over propane lantern in the tent, which was tightly closed and dark.

We live here; we know how to get around town. Many of these people didn't even know Athens County existed two weeks ago.