I am very lucky to be around these players and this team. They're great players. They're all winners. I feel lucky to be here. But I haven't played in three years, so it's bad for me.

It's a good feeling to get minutes, and that's why I came here. I was just trying to stop Yao and step in front of him and just couldn't.

This is the chance. I feel good about it. Good guys, good players, good city. I want to show Coach how hard I want to play.

I've got to find that again. Because for these three years, they killed almost everything. I never got a chance to play. Just waking every morning and knowing that you're not going to play at night, that's killer.

It's really crazy. The fans, the people are crazy about it. A lot of people, they have no money over there. Some people work months for those tickets to come see us play a game.

I'm happy to get another chance to play, to see what I can do. In Detroit, it was horrible for me. A nightmare.

I'm not 100 percent, but it's going to be better. I have to get better. I've got to work.

I came here to play basketball. I didn't come to watch. I could have watched the games on TV. That's why it was a nightmare for me, knowing every night that I wasn't going to play. I'm happy that I'm out of there and in Orlando.

I feel good. I want to show how hard I want to play.