In fact, when you burn coal, you emit more acid rain pollution, more air pollution, more smog and more global warming pollution which threatens the entire planet.

We hope that helping to make the Mercury Mariner Hybrid a success will encourage Ford to invest in better technology to increase the fuel economy of its entire fleet.

Ford is at the bottom of the barrel among major auto makers on fuel economy, but today is a better day. Increasing hybrid production is a good step in the right direction.

It has been a failure because the big industrial polluters, led by the United States, have failed to clean up our act.

If the United States had taken a leading role in trying to make this a meaningful agreement ... then I think the whole world would have turned around. Unfortunately, it has been a big disappointment and creates a real threat for our children's future.

This fuel cell vehicle shows the days of the internal combustion engine are numbered. We don't know how big that number is, but they're definitely on their way out.

We'll continue to have a major presence and impact here. These latest asset decisions are aimed at strengthening our ability to continue to succeed in the global market, which is critical to our future as a major employer here in Puget Sound.

Landlords need to be more accountable for the people in their buildings. It is not OK to have four or five or six or 10 people sleeping in an apartment designed for three, and it's not good for the community.

Ford is a big part of the global warming problem, but they have failed to adopt more than token solutions.