ULA is separate from this. We have not heard any indication from Lockheed-Martin that the strike is a problem.

Our teams are assessing that and figuring out what the go-forward plans are for this.

United Launch Alliance is going through all the appropriate FTC assessments with regard to anti-trust issues and we are confident that at the end of that process it will be approved.

We're willing to make adjustments, but those adjustments would have to be within the value package of our offer.

It fits into our business plans, but at the same time, we feel it's a very generous offer.

In this time of defense budgets being what they are, there certainly is a mandate from the Pentagon to bring down costs to be competitive to meet their needs.

I can't predict what the job cuts would be.

We've always had an aggressive e-commerce strategy. Since our first Web site in 1994, we realized a Web site was more than just a corporate brochure. It had to be an advanced business tool providing everything companies need to design, print and manage their documents online.