They assured us it wasn't an issue.

We have all new duct work and a new heating and ventilation system in there, so we won't be using the old system.

Whoa, man. You're talking about a barn burner.

Not only are we paying more for diesel fuel but we`re also using more water. It`s requiring more water.

I cannot tell you that, ... I kind of questioned their effort. I asked them why they wanted to play football, and the guys really responded good, so I'm proud of them.

The historic preservation has some concerns about architectural structures that exist on the property.

I'm expecting a decline in acres of rice statewide. It's a question of how much.

We've already talked to people and it's completely safe, ... And with the exception of a few odds and ends, we're almost done.

In the short term there is a lot of pessimism among farmers as a whole. But they want to believe it will work itself out.