I was surprised that a few companies did as well as they did, ... I was also surprised there were 10 companies that actively invite e-mail questions on their Web site and just don't bother to answer them.

We have to do it and we have to do it ourselves. We've all got the problem. We've all got to stick together.

When I first started the Project, I could not have expected so much to be accomplished in such a short time. None of my concerns about giving money to an academic institution came true. They've done high quality work with real-world relevance.

They never came close to finding the still.

It was a way a farmer could turn his corn into money. You couldn't always sell corn because everybody grew it, but you could always sell whiskey.

Do you know why souffle dishes have these pleated sides?

The normal things you need to look out for are attendance at school, dropping grades and taking time away from the home.