The calls came flooding in. It's not something that we went down and tried to develop.

Our customer service team says CD-RW discs do not have an infinite rewrite lifespan and can only be erased and rewritten so many times. It may be wise for your reader to try a new CD-RW disk.

We put a lot of emphasis on the run. We came out today and we showed that we can run the ball and pass the ball.

[One of those] good ... The keeper for the future.

He just brings excitement. Everybody is excited about football. He's been going all over the country supporting us. It's just feels good having a coach back there that's behind you and believes in you.

We are extremely pleased to have this second opportunity for performance, ... Hopefully, all who enjoyed the show the first time will return and bring new visitors into this tangled web we have woven!

I can't get down (emotionally). I still have bills to pay and will try to go with the flow. Hopefully, I have enough talent to get another job around here ... I hope they can privatize Lone Star to keep it open and supply jobs.

We don't know what's going to happen and don't know what to talk about on a contract.

We will have more information when the application is submitted to the county, including maps and proposed turbine locations, ... What I can say is that the application will be radically changed from what it was.