Chris Tarry
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"Chris Tarry" is a New York City based, Canada/Canadian electric Bass guitar/bass player and writer. He is noted for his work with two-time Juno Award winning jazz group Metalwood featuring Mike Murley, Ian Froman (musician)/Ian Froman and Brad Turner (musician)/Brad Turner. Tarry has also performed on other projects as a sideman and gained recognition throughout North America.

Since relocating from Canada to New York in 2003, he has worked with such players and groups as John Scofield, My Brightest Diamond, Wayne Krantz, George Benson, Paul Shaffer, the Oz Noy Trio, and the Mahavishnu Project.

Since 1993 Chris has also led his own jazz group called The Chris Tarry Group and has released eight solo albums under that name. His recording, 2007's Almost Certainly Dreaming featured New York musicians Pete McCann, Dan Weiss, Henry Hey, Canadian saxophonist Kelly Jefferson, and was released on the American record label Nineteen Eight Records. "Almost Certainly Dreaming" won the Canadian Juno Award in 2008 for best contemporary jazz album of the year".

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