Chris Pope
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"John Christopher "Chris" Pope" is an internet personality, producer, social media professional, podcaster, and business owner. He lives in Georgia (U.S. state)/Georgia with his wife Melanie, daughters Avery, Ema, and Lily.

Pope first gained internet notability in 2001 when "The Day Report" announced his breaking of the Arcade Pac-Man Turbo world record as recorded by chief scoreboard record keeper Walter Day with Twin Galaxies.

In 2008 he launched Tech Jives LLC, a social media and podcast production company. Pope is the creator of multiple live interview-based podcasts, including some of the first to do live interviews with celebrity film and voice actors, such as Robert Clotworthy (Voice of Jim Raynor), Rob Paulsen (Voice of Raphael (TMNT)/Raphael, Yakko Warner, and Pinky and the Brain#Pinky/Pinky), Jen Taylor (Voice of Cortana (Halo)/Cortana) In 2010 Pope also launched, as part of The Tech Jives network, an entertainment industry-focused social media publicist company called "Social Stars Web", which handles web hosting, Twitter management and Facebook fan building for people involved in film acting, voice acting, writing, and singing. Ellen McLain who voices "GLaDOS" on the popular video game series Portal (video game)/Portal and Portal 2, as well as her husband John Patrick Lowrie are amongst those he manages.

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