Ten years ago, if your computer was broken, you put it in the car and took it to the shop, no big deal.

When people say 'love to hate', they actually mean 'love to be appalled by' - if they truly hated them, they'd never repeat a catch phrase.

They can lose money and be successful by bringing in business (purchases of products) for Best Buy. I can't do that. We can't lose money and succeed.

If you make a joke in an area which is for some reason _ normally random _ out of bounds, then you might find something out, you might put your finger on something." But it's a matter of finding yourself in that area rather than setting out to look for trouble.

A sitcom isn't usually the right tool for satire.

Now if you have a wireless network that won't connect, well, you need someone on-site.

If we get out there and find other problems that take longer, we could lose money.

The pursuit of approval usually ends in disaster.

I just feel tired now if people are shocked. If it's not for you, just don't bloody watch it.