Don't think we'll live or die by the big play. We have some guys we feel like can make plays. We have big-play capability. We feel like we can move the ball if we have to little bit by little bit. But we would rather do it in big chunks.

[Morrilton, ranked No. 6 in Class AAAA by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, was also dogged by seven turnovers that led to 20 PA points. The Bruins, ranked No. 2 in Class AAA by the ADG, led 21-0 at halftime.] We just have to execute better, ... We can't turn the ball over (seven) times. That night, our minds were not ready to play.

It's very difficult to come to a settlement with people whom they brand as terrorists and with an international community which they always claim does not understand the issues.

[Hill hopes there is no hangover from the Pulaski Academy game.] We played with no intensity, ... We just went through the motions. We never made a play. We're lucky we didn't get beat by 70.

Criminals know the best way to get shot is to break in at night. When you go to work, they go to work. It's rare to have a home invasion at night.

He was missing for nearly 24 hours before we were notified, ... We started our search right away, checking roadsides to see if we could see any signs of him in ditches.

Our summer was a bit slower than normal, but after Monday and Tuesday of last week, we're not really down at all.

[Rogers is 1-0-1 after a 20-20 tie with Memphis (Tenn.) Ridgeway last Friday night. It's the first tie for a Mountaineer football team since 1983 when Rogers left Forrest City in Week 2 with a 7-7 tie.] They're a good football team, ... They're very solid on both sides of the ball. Their kicking game has been great, too.

I think it's just something we heard clearly from our fans, that we were very respectful of the Ute tribe and we decided to appeal. The university has always been close to the Ute tribe. I think it's standard operating procedure to be in touch with the Ute tribe to do the right thing.