"Christopher Martin Ellison", is a former Liberal Party of Australia/Liberal member of the Australian Senate. He represented Western Australia in the Senate from July 1993 to January 2009.

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These dogs, with their super-sensitive noses, remain the quickest and most accurate detection devices in this age of technology.

It's very important, this agreement that we have reached with Singapore, because it's such a significant air route between Australia and Singapore, one of the busiest that we have.

Attacking terrorist financing cuts off the lifeblood of terrorism.

Certainly you can't do anything before charges have been laid, but I can assure you that if they face the prospect of the death penalty, then we will go in to bat as hard as we can.

This is believed to be the largest ever seizure of this drug in Australia.

We are as a nation very strongly committed to fighting war crimes and bringing those who are guilty to justice.

These vessels will now be better equipped to deal with border incursions and other threats at sea.

This is a significant step in the continued fight against organized and serious crime.

The Australian Government has great respect for the significance of these items as part of China's scientific and cultural history, and is committed to ensuring the worlds important heritage is protected into the future.