Out here, we all have something in common. Now I'll be here for our senior season.

I'll read things like what your mom's name is, where you were born, ... Anything that could help me get ahead on something you think I might not know, like how many sisters or brothers you've got. ... Any way I can take away your manhood, that's what I'm going for out there.

When everybody's clicking on all cylinders like that, there's no better time.

I just tell them everything from how bad they're playing to how good I'm playing.

Fortunately, I've been doing it for a while now, so I'm strong enough to keep my mind on what we've got to do and give them a little earful after the play is over, ... When they're more worried about me, and chasing me all over the field to get me back, then I know I've got them. I know I'm doing my job.

I'll look for anything I can find wrong with their game. I'll look for any way I can to get in their head. That goes for the quarterback, the center or somebody I'm not even going up against on the field.

He was a superior athlete in the rec league. He was a superior athlete in high school. And he'll be a superior athlete here. You know how pilots like to fly and doctors like to save people's lives? Well, Xavier likes to play football.

I mean, from your hair style to the way it looked when you went to high school, ... to how sorry you were in high school and how they don't play any football down there. Everything I can think of, you're definitely going to hear about it.

Don't ever talk to the papers again.