We played hard. It's just that any time you're in a slump like we're in, the hardest thing is getting the first (win).

Small things are adding up. We're having several good innings but we're letting one inning get us in a hole we can't get out of. If we can solve that, we'll be in good shape.

We're not giving up. I've got a good group of guys, and we're going to work hard, practice, and get back on the right track.

We played an athletic, well-coached team, and we let them jump on us early. Our effort is there, but we've got to start executing and step up against better teams.

We brought in Donovan to catch for six innings, and he hasn't caught since he was eleven years old. But he did a great job out there.

These guys don't quit. It showed a lot of character for us to be down by eight and score five runs in the seventh.

We've got Alexander Central on Tuesday, Hickory on Wednesday in the makeup game, and McDowell on Friday. We'll take them one at a time, and try to get better.

Like yesterday, we had one inning that got us. It's a matter of us giving teams too much.