We need to be able to communicate to our members and gun owners in any given state and to suggest that we can't do that for risk of being thrown in jail is simply outrageous.

If you think of the Earth as a rubber ball, it is still kind of squished, ... As this 'rubber ball' bounces back, the Earth becomes less flat, less oblate.

Some of these changes not only are things that are better for the library, but they're based on student comments. So we did this in a way to not only make it more accessible to students, but to give them a better place to study.

As time has progressed, we've gotten better data from more satellites, and faster computers.

No one in the region should have to worry about attempting to file government documents in near-impossible circumstances.

We are a safer country today because Congress passed this critical legislation and acted to save American icons like Remington, Ruger, Winchester and Smith & Wesson from politically motivated lawsuits.

GRACE should give us almost revolutionary advancement.

It's fair to infer that going back many years, and certainly extending all the way through this administration, precious little has been done when a great deal was required.