I'm just trying to help coach her a little bit. She's doing so well in her age group, with a little coaching, she could do so much better.

What a great surprise for us beating Santa Rosa.

Unfortunately for us, we don't get up for Modesto. Our biggest rival has always been Sierra. Anytime you play somebody you've beat quite a few times, they're going to come after you.

You have to give Modesto credit. They had girls in foul trouble and we couldn't take advantage of that. They deserved to win.

I can tell you that she can beat a couple of those younger kids. They're not great swimmers, but she'll beat a couple.

She doesn't understand that she's a rallying point for us. Because we've got a woman who's four times older than you doing stuff. She's a motivating factor.

She's probably our most versatile sprinter. She's one swimmer I can plug in wherever and count on a win.