It's rare a team has a Cinderella year where they have a lot of losing seasons and then all of a sudden make it to the playoffs, unless you can go out and buy a bunch of talent. For us, that's one of our stepping stones. We want to get to .500 and keep moving from there.

It seems like everybody's starting to swing the bats well at the same time.

In years past if one guy didn't get it done the rest of the inning would get away. Now we have guys one through nine that can get it done, ... There are still some games left to do some damage and maybe get that wild card.

That was the best 0-3 team I've seen. They're a 4-A team, and we're a little ol' 2-A team.

The guy is incredible. He might be the fastest guy in baseball.

We have to see what the optimal dosing will be. It all depends on what the research shows.

We just tried to wait him out until he made some mistakes. In the seventh inning, he made a few [mistakes] and we took advantage of them. The guy's 43 years old. It's hard to believe he's still painting the corners with 94 mph fastballs.

There was no numerical quota. While the memo may come across that way, that was absolutely not the case.

It was put on a temporary hold while we have been fixing those problems.