Ever since we've changed the price, it's been constant.

Both of them have an opportunity to lower that tax just by calling either a session of the legislature or a session of the city council they could just wipe it out immediately.

Everything that's happening because of that idiotic (gas cap) law. It's a shame we have to put up with this because a bunch of (people) thought they know more than the people that are in business.

The money is just rolling into them as the prices go up.

Why should we have to be worrying about what the prices are going to be from week to week?

It's supposed to go to repair the potholes and the roads and build new roads and new freeways. They use that for anything, all of their pork projects.

It was a horrible time. Dirt drifted up and covered barbed-wire fences. Conditions were much worse than they are today because we have learned a lot about soil conservation in 70 years.

In this state, we have never had a gas shortage, ever! Even during the Opec embargo we never had a gas shortage.

Just since the gas prices started to go up, they've enriched the state coffers by about $16 million just from the increase.