The condition and welfare of earthquake survivors remains a matter of serious concern for the UN and all other humanitarian partners on the ground. But we are vigilant, ready and prepared to assist.

We need the generosity of donors to continue, especially until the winter is over to make sure people make it through the winter alive.

The issue of the funding remains, but we have just decided to focus on the survivors and figure out what we can do for them with what little we have been given by the international donors.

The deep concern is that people who survived the earthquake should not now perish because of something like a tent fire. Our deepest desire is to help earthquake survivors make it through the winter alive.

Our biggest hope is that it wouldn't be long at all. This is just one isolated incident...It doesn't merit a total suspension.

We are assessing how weather affected the condition of survivors and what are their urgent needs.

The vast, vast majority of people have been reached. I cannot look in the crystal ball and say we anticipate these huge numbers dying.

All helicopter flights resumed this morning. They are back and trying to catch up by deploying all available helicopters to cover all routes as quickly as possible.