"Paul Balthazar Getty" is an People of the United States/American film actor, member of the band Ringside, and the producer-half of rap duo The Wow. He is known for the roles of Thomas Grace (Alias)/Thomas Grace on the American action drama Alias (TV series)/Alias and Thomas Walker (Brothers & Sisters)/Tommy Walker on the American Broadcasting Company/ABC drama Brothers & Sisters (2006 TV series)/Brothers & Sisters.

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'Tired of Being Sorry' is one of the lines everyone can relate to.

I think it's just a coincidence that we're Ringside and the theme of the video is a boxing thing, ... It's more a metaphor for what the song is about.

It's been such a group effort. When you're a new band and you have limited resources, you end up getting people that are there because they love what you do, and that's great.

When you see these fights on TV you see all these celebrities in the front row, so we thought it'd be funny if we called in some of our friends.