This is an SEC school. Of course, they're going to get somebody good.

I appreciate Coach Barnes being who he is and doing all he has for us. I've never met anybody with more character than him. He's able to handle any situation, so we're not worried about him. We know he's going to be all right.

I've never been through a coaching change. It's going to be interesting.

He told us how he'll always be there for us if we need him. And he said that change is a part of life.

I think it's kind of funny, but I tone them out a whole lot of the time. Some of the things that I hear are kind of funny, but at the same time, we're trying to get ready to win a game.

The confidence is still there, but we know as a team we have to go back to work and correct some things.

We did it to ourselves. They didn't pressure us much.