Aaron Kampman
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"Aaron Allan Kampman" is a former American football defensive end and outside linebacker who played ten seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for the Iowa Hawkeyes football/University of Iowa. He was drafted by Green Bay Packers in the fifth round of the 2002 NFL Draft, and also played for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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I think he definitely takes it up another level as far as intensity on the field. We've had some good football coaches here, and they've all had their strengths. One of his strengths is his intensity.

I think they become a little more explosive in the passing game, just from a standpoint of experience. I mean, this guy's a three-year veteran as opposed to a rookie. He's seen more looks.

This one may be the worst because No. 1, it was Minnesota; No. 2, it was at home; and No. 3, it was Minnesota again.

We both are kind of hurt, we both have a little blood. It's funny. My dad told me you don't want to mess with an animal that's been hurt because they are dangerous. We need to get a win. We feel the pressure. We don't want to be in this position anymore.

We didn't win, ... The reality is we're 0-3, we've lost two at Lambeau and we're sick about it.

I'd be in the air right now. ... But I'm glad it didn't (come to that). There was significant interest (from other teams), but we had the opportunity to stay here and we took advantage of it. I think both sides are very happy.

The reality is we are 0-3. The reality is that we can still be a very good football team. We need to show that on Monday night.

All season, we haven't given in to the adversity. (Monday), at times, we gave in to all of the negatives.