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It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.


I'm not real frugal or thrifty, ... I just don't waste money on little things that don't matter, but spend on big things that do.

Brian O'reilly

TRUST, n. In American politics, a large corporation composed in greater part of thrifty working men, widows of small means, orphans in the care of guardians and the courts, with many similar malefactors and public enemies.

Ambrose Bierce

With our fuel costs rising fast, New Zealanders are now starting to think along the same lines as Europeans and are becoming more receptive to smaller, economical passenger cars and vehicles powered by thrifty diesel engines. It makes a lot of sense when you can save 40 per cent on your running costs compared to a larger petrol vehicle.

John Keenan

TABLE D'HOTE, n. A caterer's thrifty concession to the universal passion for irresponsibility. Old Paunchinello, freshly wed, Took Madam P. to table, And there deliriously fed As fast as he was able. 'I dote upon good grub,' he cried, Intent upon its throatage. 'Ah, yes,' said the neglected bride, 'You're in your _table d'hotage_.' .

Ambrose Bierce

Our initial tests have been very encouraging. Our ratio of sales-to-leads is running well above industry averages. There's no question that this concept is an effective way to drive more business to Thrifty Car Sales dealers.

Jeff Cerefice