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It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.


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You can save money over time. What irks people is you're forced to be thrifty and shop for the lowest price to take advantage of the gas cap.

Shannon Wood

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With our fuel costs rising fast, New Zealanders are now starting to think along the same lines as Europeans and are becoming more receptive to smaller, economical passenger cars and vehicles powered by thrifty diesel engines. It makes a lot of sense when you can save 40 per cent on your running costs compared to a larger petrol vehicle.

John Keenan

Offering Garmin car navigation in Dollar and Thrifty rental vehicles is an ideal fit for everyone involved. Dollar and Thrifty can provide their customers with a convenient and easy-to-use navigation device, and Garmin is able to expose thousands of potential customers to its popular portable GPS navigator.

Gary Kelley

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Our initial tests have been very encouraging. Our ratio of sales-to-leads is running well above industry averages. There's no question that this concept is an effective way to drive more business to Thrifty Car Sales dealers.

Jeff Cerefice

She would be an awesome coach. She's creative, she's inventive, she's thrifty, and she can think on her feet. I think that makes for a real viable coach and a real viable educator. You can make adjustments. If something doesn't work, you're able to do something else that works better.

Melinda Fischer

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