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We've been kind of a skeleton crew all year. It's had an affect on us from the start, but we're hoping we'll get everyone back soon. Our goal is to try and improve our level of play the rest of the way.

Joel Dunn

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Even a fragment can act as a skeleton key that opens a door to learn more.

Alan Siegel

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We're down to a skeleton crew. There's barely any business. People have a lot of other things on their mind now.

Rob Stillwell

There ought to be a complete skeleton of T. rex in New Mexico, we just haven't found one. T. rex as a fossil is very rare.

Spencer Lucas

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What happens in FOP is children continue to make new pieces of the skeleton after birth, ... The signal is not just 'make more bone.'

Fred Kaplan

The day after the opening ceremony, when suddenly you have people competing for medals in every event. ... It's like real reality TV. We're not going to be talking about skeleton coaches the day after the opening ceremony.

David Wallechinsky

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One of our philosophies is that idle plants stay run-ready, have a skeleton staff and keep the plant in the most optimal position without the machinery being run.

James Malone

There is a skeletal structure, so to speak, of certain individuals, but the clothes that we hang on that skeleton come from investigation. And that's what starts to form the picture, the profile of who we're looking for.

Clint Van Zandt

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It's a very skeleton indictment, if you will. There's not really a lot of meat on the bone of this indictment.

Chris Lewis

What surprised me is what we're able to accomplish with the resources we have in comparison to institutions with much larger budgets. That has just baffled me. There are schools out there with huge academic budgets and somehow, with our skeleton staff, the kids just get it done.

Don Oberhelman

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Here was the drama of the flesh. an architectonic system of skeleton and muscle, a musical arrangement of ellipsoids and undulating arcs.

Maureen Mullarkey

Yesterday we put the skeleton together. Today we hooked up the first parts of the nervous system.

Bob Castle

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If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.

George Bernard Shaw

Canada has proven we are a force to reckon with in the sliding sports of bobsleigh and skeleton. Since the 2002 Games, we have accumulated more than 90 World Cup medals.

Shane Pearsall

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These people are literally imprisoned in a second skeleton, ... It transforms muscles, tendons, ligaments -- connective tissues become sheathed in bone. It spans joints, locking them into place and rendering movement completely impossible.

Fred Kaplan

I had a great book and a great script to work as my raw materials, but when I got out on to the set and I started to act with Claire, that was when the character came out of me, ... So a lot of my character really [Schwartzman's character] Jeremy's skeleton, but she was like an X-ray machine, and you could see it all of a sudden.

Jason Schwartzman

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I like the broken up ones, I like to saw holes in them and look inside of them, ... When it comes to science, putting up a skeleton and just looking at it just doesn't do anything for me. I want to know something about that dinosaur.

Jack Horner

It came together so naturally. The skeleton was built, and all we had to do was put it together.

Danny Shafer

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It was all burned out, with only a skeleton left, ... On the floor there were shoes and boots -- boots just like our own children have. It was only then that you could really understand what happened.

Goran Persson

The rest of their skeleton is cartilage.

Bernard Yokel

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