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Steelers' fans are rabid about posters. They're selling for $24. Seahawks posters are more in the $14 range.

Bill Furlong

We have no real clue of the magnitude of this win. Maybe years down the road when the Seahawks are perennial contenders for the Super Bowl, it might not be such a big deal, but right now, this is the biggest game ever in this organization's history.

Mack Strong

It's the most important day almost in their lives, for both families. One family is seeing a son go off to prison, and one family is here to find justice for their loved one who was murdered. It's important to them. Do you think they want to root for the Seahawks?

Sunni Y. Ko

He said the way we played that year made him proud to be a Seahawks fan. The way our defense played helped make him a true Seahawks fan. That means a lot when people recognize that.

Dave Wyman

Good question. It's, oh, I know, Seahawks Blue!

Teryl Austin

I thought they played a pretty competitive game, but there was a few officiating calls that really hurt the Seahawks, and they missed a few field goals and didn't come up with a big play.

Blaine Tamaki

Those guys will be Seahawks forever. I know that they've been an inspiration to us, just the standard that they set years ago, and hopefully they can feel a part of this.

Mack Strong

I have a simple theory. If the Seahawks win on Sunday, productivity is going to go up.

Brian Vincent

You expect that the fans of the teams who are in it to get jazzed up. What's amazing is how many non-Seahawks and non-Steelers fans get excited.

Daniel Wann

Some guests here for the Seahawks game Saturday were talking about it. How did the Trail Blazers walk out of the '90s without a championship?

Karen Loftgren

We had 140 people inside and 50 outside. We had about six Seahawks fans, but they left early.

Jerry Campbell

We're all Seahawks fans, too.

Walter Neary