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Change is always good, ... I had been [in the Cubs organization] for 10 years. I have no regrets about anything that I did there. I had fun there, and the people were great -- same thing with Detroit. Sometimes, it's just eventually time to change the scenery.

Kyle Farnsworth

People will race our event simply because of the terrain and scenery in the (Shenandoah) Valley and the people.

Matt Butterman

I think a change of scenery will be good for us. We've had disappointment the last two weeks at home. It'll be something different (from) the routine we've had lately.

Don Patterson

We're in a lodge. We're not in a tent. It's a way to relax at night. A little television indoors doesn't take away from my experience enjoying the scenery here.

Rick Reynolds

The scenery in the play was beautiful, but the actors got in front of it.

Alexander Woollcott

It was a change of scenery for me. I felt like I had spent so much time running on trails that I wanted to see what it was like running on the road.

Desbah Yazzie

Another rule: I took pictures of what intrigued me, but I didn't alter the pictures on the computer except to crop. And there are almost no people; it's more about scenery.

George Young

There are a lot of local artists and we have a lot of activities. I think we bring a lot of tourists because of the importance of the arts here and people are thinking about Beaufort County. Not only about our beautiful scenery but also about the arts.

Bonnie Smith

The interior is far more cocooning than the SUV norm. Yet there is still the characteristic Land Rover Command driving position, which gives a superb view of the road ahead and the scenery around you.

Matthew Taylor

The scenery there, I just remember that being absolutely stunning.

John Bonham

It's the best place on earth. The mountains. The river. The everyday scenery is great. I like to see the seasons change. I like to see the eagles coming in. It's beautiful.

Tim Cahill

The sounds I had heard seemed worthy to mingle with this bright and perfumed atmosphere, and to thrill the beautiful scenery around me.

William Cullen Bryant

Things were kind of going bad before (Price) even got there so that had nothing to do with it, ... (The change in scenery) means a lot. I feel that I am pretty blessed to get another chance like that. I am going to do whatever I can do in my power to make this work out.

Quincy Morgan

I grew up in a small town in Georgia, and I must confess that I was mining my memories of that small town. I can vividly see a lot of the scenery in terms of my own place.

Sue Monk Kidd

Unbelievable scenery, with the backdrop of the lighthouse and the boats. Great place to come out and enjoy some good times with friends.

Rick Hill

It will be a great event ... held in the most charming scenery in the world.

Walter Veltroni

Have a chance to create a society to match its scenery.

Wallace Stegner

Cycling has brought me a lot of pleasure and, being a Scot, I know how lucky we are to have beautiful scenery and quiet roads to enjoy by bike.

Chris Hoy

You can't ask for much more the first time you are playing a course in competition, ... It felt a lot like coming to Switzerland in Europe, which is one the places I've always enjoyed going -- the fresh air in the morning, the nice scenery.

Fredrik Jacobson

You could, in theory, get a hole-in-one off two banks. It's not terribly complex. I was less worried about the course than the scenery.

Danny Roberts