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It's fun, but it's more than a hobby, it's a passion. As far as crafts go, that's all I do now. All of my heart and soul goes into my art quilts.

Norma Schlager

I've always done a lot of different things - quilts and making dolls and stained glass - but this has been the most rewarding.

Lin Dutton

We have had longtime quilters come in to volunteer their time, but because the quilts are so ugly they just could not continue to help.

Louise Hall

Hopefully in the future, children will read this book with their quilts and be able to forget about their cancer even for just a moment. That one moment of pure happiness is what makes the whole project worthwhile.

Taylor Mann

They also make lap quilts for wounded soldiers, which gives the soldiers a connection with people who care for them, and we will have two quilts on display.

Nancy Krieski

I don't know if we'll make any more quilts for Romania after we send these, but we'll still be making things for Ridgecrest Healthcare Center and to fill other needs.

Virginia Hartzell

We just love the way they look and how they fit into a different aesthetic than the Euro-American quilts. Each one has its own individual and original quality.

Jean Tyson

There will be quilts for sale, antiques for sale and the merchant mall with tons of fabrics, notions and anything a quilter could ever want.

Jan Connelley

We're keeping it to just one day because the quilts are so old and valuable. Some of the designs are really unusual.

Sandy Puccio

She made most of her quilts by hand. This is the last quilt she made, but it's not done yet. It's a work in progress.

Jane Messer

Today, you find quilts that are purely utilitarian and others that are purely for display. It's a craft that is very, very accessible. Anybody can buy fabric and sew it together.

Maren Lindberg

We thought we will make quilts for them.

Gail Belmont

It is just a great day to bring out your quilts and lawn chairs and spend the day. We want everyone to come out and have a really good time. Hopefully, people will have a good time and learn something.

Pristina Jones

Our quilts typically go to really sick babies. Sometimes the moms don't go home with their babies. This (quilt) is all they have to remember their baby.

George Butler