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This was a disappointing loss, no question. We did not do enough things that make us successful. We did some things that look good, but we did not play the way we need to play to be successful. It was too much of a poke and go hockey game. Now we have to come back tomorrow and get back to our game.

Scott Paluch

I thought I had him with the poke check. But he got me 5-hole.

Vesa Toskala

We want to poke fun at the weird and outrageous things we all encounter in the office environment every day.

Mark Golin

In some senses, it is easy to poke fun or think you know what is going on by looking in from the outside, ... The company is clear about what it wants to do. There is no civil war at the management level.

Craig Mundie

Normally I?m peeling away to be a third guy, but I saw his head down and saw I had a chance to poke it away from him and fortunately it went in the net.

Matt Cooke

If I hurt someone, if I were to accidentally poke someone's eye out, I would laugh. And then I'd say, 'I'm sorry, I really do feel bad,' but then I'm on the floor rolling.

Rachel Mcadams

I didn't know whether it was going in or not, so I decided to poke out my stick and redirect it. It was a quick decision.

Maris Ziedins

The choice is to have it inspected or to buy a pig in a poke.

Tom Early

It was just one of those goals. We got the lead and then I don't really know what happened. I think it went over (defenseman Ethan) Graham's head. I like to be aggressive and tried to poke at it, but didn't get it.

Jeff Lerg

Every time someone walks around the corner, you think they're coming in to poke you again.

Lisa Goodman

We appear before the Supreme Court - who in their right mind would want to poke their finger in the eye of the next chief justice? Based on what we know, this is not a nominee that we can let go by unopposed.

Theodore M. Shaw

I knew I wasn't buying a pig in a poke. I knew how good he was.

Sidney Lumet

The public is like a piano. You just have to know what keys to poke.

Al Capp

You're looking at two little poke holes and a small incision to harvest the graft.

Angelo Colosimo

Anyone walking through the typical Fortune 500 office today could just poke a head into a cube, grab a password and be in.

Steve Hunt

The thought is not to poke this in the eye of Calgary, saying we're the homophobic center of the universe, and now we have to prove the opposite.

Linda Hunter

There's a lot to do when you're a kid - spiders to catch, girls to poke in the eye - stuff to be getting on with.

Alan Davies

In doing of either, let wit bear a stroke,/ For buying or selling of pig in a poke.

Thomas Tusser

I think there are a lot of people who are concerned about this. It's a pig in a poke, to use an old term.

Nancy Bain

Some guy come up behind me [in the lunch line] and poked me with a needle. I just turned around and he looked all innocent like he didn't poke me.

Luis Lopez