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Regarding the Panama Canal Treaty negotiations, they will find us standing up or dead, but never on our knees; NEVER!

Omar Torrijos Herrera

Everyone on the ship is trying to decide if we should deliver the ship via the Panama Canal or the Northwest Passage.

Jim Mccauley

And $18 million in three Japanese banks, completely false. That I have two factories in Panama, also completely false. This is part of the counter campaign of some people.

Alberto Fujimori

We didn't go with the least expensive bid, and the bids varied widely in cost. We chose a company that had the ability to replicate our system inside their house in Panama.

Paul Umberg

We send it to all the states as well as England and Germany. We've also sent it e-mail to Korea, Panama and France.

Marc Ramsey

(Late Philippine dictator Ferdinand) Marcos is a good example, Mr. (Manuel) Noreiga of Panama. But this is all way after the fact. They don't get into the game soon enough to really make a difference.

Jeffrey Robinson

Since Panama City is a pretty developed city, the outskirts get kind of ignored.

Sarah Carmichael

Our concern is that we get a truth. We have reason to doubt our state based on what has happened in Panama City.

Adora Obi Nweze