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Regarding the Panama Canal Treaty negotiations, they will find us standing up or dead, but never on our knees; NEVER!

Omar Torrijos Herrera

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The main part is for the players to play with the same attitude they have when they play at home, for instance in the Guatemala and Panama games we won before. We have to go for the win from the first moment, from when we are on the plane to when we are back on the bus after the match in Panama.

Leo Beenhakker

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We didn't go with the least expensive bid, and the bids varied widely in cost. We chose a company that had the ability to replicate our system inside their house in Panama.

Paul Umberg

The Tailor of Panama.

Geoffrey Rush

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We send it to all the states as well as England and Germany. We've also sent it e-mail to Korea, Panama and France.

Marc Ramsey

The family is gravely concerned whether they will get justice or not. You have to worry about small-town justice in a place like Panama City.

Benjamin Crump

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Our concern is that we get a truth. We have reason to doubt our state based on what has happened in Panama City.

Adora Obi Nweze