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The difference in lung function between the highest and lowest quintiles of vitamin D is substantial and greater than the difference between former and nonsmokers.

Peter Black

That was getting close to happening when Julie Harris had a stroke, and then my mother got ill and eventually died of lung cancer.

Luke Yankee

The first one on the jaw we call 'Brutus' because he's the big mean guy, and then she has a sugar-cube size tumor on the lining of her lung.

Melissa Dover

Cigarettes cause lung cancer. It's as simple as that.

Brendan Sullivan

The blood clots, the pulmonary emboli to the lung, blood clots to the lung, heart attacks and deaths related to oral contraceptives are remarkably decreased now.

Robert Hatcher

Breast cancer, lung cancer ... heart disease is the No. 1 killer for women. We really tried to cater to those.

Pam Thompson

That's frightening and, frankly, it scares the hell out me. We're going to have an epidemic of lung cancer in China if we don't have one already.

Otis Brawley

They checked my lung capacity today and it was fine. ... But they thought I might have come back a little too early. I think it explains it.

Chris Draft

Lung cancer incidence was higher among African-Americans and Hawaiians.

Christopher Haiman

Lung cancer continues to be portrayed as a self-induced cancer that does not deserve public research funding.

Laurie Fenton

The biggest issue with lung cancer, as we know, is that smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. Without a doubt, 85 percent of all lung cancer deaths are caused from smoking.

Karen Carpenter

Fighting America's oil addiction with these standards is like fighting lung cancer by smoking 49 cigarettes a day instead of 50.

Don Mackenzie

The American Lung Association nationally actually gives us a D grade for overall particulate matter just because of those two days.

Claudia Clement

To see him battle all of the injuries and illnesses is exciting. Everything has happened to this kid. He sees it as a challenge. He's out to prove a point. A collapsed lung isn't going to keep him out.

Matt Stallbaumer

We don't completely understand why they develop lung cancer.

Jay Brooks

It was an 11-and-a-half hour operation, and they nearly lost him twice. They didn't know he had only one lung.

Catherine Holland

If he had an infection we had to take him in. He has chronic lung disease.

Tim Read

It's been well shown that second-hand smoke is a definite hazard. There are definitely cardiovascular deaths attributed to second hand smoke. It also causes a considerable amount of sickness. It exacerbates ear infections, lung infections and asthma.

Dr. Robert Vogel

The boy is now going on well. He has gained more than one kilogram of weight since he was in hospital and his lung shadows have also been reduced.

Zhu Yimin

The former party chief's health had until recently been largely adequate for a man of his age, but he has had lung problems since the late 1990s.

Zhao Ziyang