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We'll be flirting with freezing each morning into early next week.

Daniel Huckaby

It's unusual to see freezing weather in March.

Julie Holcombe

Our biggest problem is the freezing cold, which is endangering the lives of those trapped in the rubble.

Andrzej Gaska

It's cold out here, but it's freezing inside.

Jim Manning

I'm sitting here in my office and it's freezing and we've got the heat on full blast.

Bill Cox

It was a perfect day, right around freezing with snow, ice and sunshine.

Dave Richards

Now, we expect freezing drizzle changing to snow with little accumulation and plenty of aggravation.

Ray Visneski

On the good side we would keep them from freezing. On the bad side we were more or less enabling them.

Fred Thomas

We're certainly going to be flirting with freezing on both days.

Scott Kelly

Much of the valley has been at or below freezing for the last three days.

Brian Avery

Dave invited me out here to check this out. This water is freezing cold.

Dan Moser

Some areas could hit the freezing mark for an hour or so. Maybe a degree lower.

Dan Gregoria

We had 60 one day, we had below freezing, we've had spring. We've had every season right here.

Larry Lee

It was even colder inside (the silo than outside) ... these guys were freezing.

Rick Hays

It's freezing. If I always had to stand outside to smoke I would understand, too.

Natalie Hall

Is it Nice in your snowstorm- freezing your brain? Do you think that your face looks the same?

David Bowie

It was 17 below wind chill. We were freezing the whole day.

Chelsey Richter

The zebra fish is ideal because you can freeze the entire fish. Normal freezing is not conducted because it would be too slow and cause ice crystals to form.

Manfred Auer