Max Lerner
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"Maxwell "Max" Alan Lerner" was an United States/American journalist and educator known for his controversial syndicated column (periodical)/column.

After immigrating from Russia with his parents in 1907, Lerner earned a B.A. from Yale University in 1923. He studied law there but transferred to Washington University in St. Louis for an M.A. in 1925.

He earned a doctorate from the Brookings Institution in 1927 and began work as an editor:

*Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences (1927–32)

*The Nation (1936–38)

*PM (newspaper)/PM (1943–48)

Lerner's most influential book was America as a Civilization: Life and Thought in the United States Today (1957).

Lerner was a staunch opponent of discrimination against African Americans, but supported the

wartime Japanese American internment/internment of Japanese Americans and backed an American Civil Liberties Union resolution on the issue to "subordinate civil liberties to wartime considerations and political loyalties". Lerner was a strong advocate of

the New DealSanford Lakoff, "Preface", pp. ix-xxi, in Lakoff, Max Lerner : Pilgrim in the Promised Land.

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