John Wilkes
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"John Wilkes" was an English Radicalism (historical)/radical, journalist, and politician.

He was first elected Member of Parliament in 1757. In the Middlesex (UK Parliament constituency)/Middlesex election dispute, he fought for the right of his voters—rather than the British House of Commons/House of Commons—to determine their representatives. In 1768 angry protests of his supporters were suppressed in the St George's Fields Massacre. In 1771, he was instrumental in obliging the government to concede the right of printers to publish wikt:verbatim/verbatim accounts of parliamentary debates. In 1776, he introduced the first Bill for parliamentary reform in the Parliament of Great Britain/British Parliament. During the American War of Independence, he was a supporter of the Patriot (American Revolution)/American rebels, adding further to his popularity with Whig Party (United States)/American Whigs. In 1780, however, he commanded militia forces which helped put down the Gordon Riots, damaging his popularity with many radicals.

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