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We are still a bit bearish on Treasuries. The economy is doing well.

Hiroyuki Yamada

This is all-around bearish. Demand numbers were so-so and import numbers were big.

Jan Stuart

We're a little bearish on the market.

Alex Li

The bearish bias continued today.

Ryutaro Matsuyama

Market sentiment appeared to be still bearish.

Hiroyuki Kubota

We're bullish on concept, but bearish on where the business model will come from.

Jim Merrick

We're very bearish, ... We think there will be rallies, but they will be short-lived.

Fred Sears

I am bearish on Taiwan.

Isaho Nakasho

If there is a bearish theme, it's about U.S. product demand.

Michael Wittner

Friday's ISM was hot and restarted the bearish energy in the system.

Peter Mcteague

It's worse than the most bearish forecast, and certainly a surprise.

Eric Gomberg

That's very bearish, ... The imports are higher than we anticipated.

Ed Silliere