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The real battles have not yet begun.

Shamil Basayev

We were able to show organizing was possible and that the only way to win battles was in organizing.

John Goldstein

We will see more battles of the data.

Thomas Gunderson

We are here because of our constant battles with Victor Valley.

Mike Bradbury

Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.

Jonathan Kozol

It just meant to me -- the battle's here -- what can I do here?

David Keenan

I've had to choose my battles ...,

Amber Frey

I think the battle's been joined.

Don Keller

I like battles I can win.

Bob Kraft

That was one of our goals: to put ourselves to be there at the end. We have all our toughest battles ahead of us.

Mike Godfrey

(My goal is) to win state. My next two matches ... will be battles.

Chris Stone

War in the Air: True Accounts of the 20th Century's Most Dramamtic Air Battles by the Men Who Fought Them.

Stephen Coonts

All of the significant battles are waged within the self.

Sheldon Kopp

We won the battle. But we want to put it in perspective; it's just one of many battles yet to come.

Les Poore

Michael was a strong, brave man who went through a lot of battles.

Michele Jackson

I'm not going to re-fight the battles of the past.

Jerry Kilgore

We wanted to win the battles all over the floor and that's what we did.

Pat Merrill