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We came up a little bit short with our batting but our new ball bowling was outstanding.

Ricky Ponting

We're batting in the 90th percentile ranking.

Bob Noyes

That batting performance was about as good as you could possibly ask for; I don't know how it could be better.

Paul Kohman

I am the captain, but I am not batting for everyone in the side and I am not bowling for everyone.

Ricky Ponting

It's not easy to win a batting title if your name's not Bill.

Billy J. Williams

We set up our batting order around a couple of guys and that's two of our guys that set the table.

Todd Souza

The way he's batting he could bludgeon any attack.

Mathew Sinclair

Bryan pitched batting practice and he was probably hitting 90 mph.

Anthony Sanders

The batting is the key. We need to bat better than we did last year.

Mick Newell

Batting for Vivian Richards is a matter of strokes, more strokes, and even more strokes.

John Arlott

John has a knack for making things happen batting where he does.

Randy Young

It can be frustrating batting.

Matthew Hayden

I guess my job, ... is to come out and do well in batting practice.

Phil Nevin

He put me up in a hotel for 10 days and gave me batting lessons.

Owais Shah

It's almost batting 500, which is impressive.

Peter Henning

It definitely helped with my arm and batting.

Katie Ryck

We want to see some more patience in the batting line-up.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul

It would be useless for any player to attempt to explain successful batting.

Tris Speaker

Awesome. Aside from Ted Williams, he's the only guy I'd pay to see in batting practice.

Eddie Robinson