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We're getting clues but we really don't understand the basics yet.

Bruce Jakosky

We didn't make any adjustments. The defense came out and got back to basics.

Jay Corlew

They know the basics, and they do what is taught to them, and they do it well.

Derek Strobel

We can't forget the basics. He's our employee.

Mayor Beth Sabilia

It's all the basics Mom used to tell you.

Dean Breest

I learned the basics at a very young age. If it's a sad song, act sad.

T.o. Sterrett

New Zealand is a very experienced side, they do a lot of the basics well.

Bennett King

We got back to the basics after that. We've had a month to get ready. This will be a big test for us.

Bryant Dillon

It's just nice because all I have to say at an assembly is body basics.

Angela Apmann

I won't seek changes to the basics of the agreement.

Taro Aso

It was a thing of exploring the basics.

Isadora Verwey

We're going back to basics. It's Winning Elections 101.

Nick Forster

Back to Basics was absolute humbug, wasn't it?

Edwina Currie