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He is ill clothed that is bare of virtue.

Benjamin Franklin

No cause of action arises from a bare promise.

Legal Maxim

A bare neck, big earring effect is popular.

Carly Rager

We're looking at something that is one step above a bare-bones budget.

Jean Ross

It was kind of bare when we first came here.

Margie Achman

The boy, a bare-legged beggarly son of a gun.

C. S. Calverley

I believe he was living in an apartment with the bare essentials.

Rick Stone

To be a good model, I'd need a lot more confidence, ... and more confidence to be more bare.

Jill Hennessy

A bare assertion is not necessarily the naked truth.

George Dennison Prentice

It's crazy. It's mid-April and it's just now getting bare.

Sara Mcclure

I was petrified. I was afraid that the cupboard was bare.

Tony Ingle

It certainly shows the cupboards are far from bare down there.

Walt Dubzinski

Some of the grounds will seem bare. It will change the park.

Hubert Astier

The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions which have been hidden by the answers.

James Baldwin

It's a bare bones thing.

Wendy Johnson