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How can you have ... an absentee ballot if the process of getting it was in violation of the law?

Gerald Richman

The only way to vote on a paper ballot will be to vote absentee.

Karen Wieman

If they don't, then they get sued... and we'll get it on the ballot.

Chris Fitz

Intelligent people would save their protest for the ballot.

Georgina Beyer

We anticipated this. Voters are really hungry to have it on the ballot.

Chris Fitz

We do not believe there is any need for a ballot.

Stuart Ross

We have prepared two million ballot papers.

Hamdieh Husseini

Very, very few cases actually complete the task of knocking anybody off of the ballot.

Al Bowman

They can fill out a paper ballot here now.

Sue Mcintosh

This is not an informed or a pushed ballot test.

Neil Newhouse

The ballot is stronger than the bullet.

Abraham Lincoln

She took them out and put them in a reconstituted ballot box and then continued with the election.

Dana Doiron

Liberals attempt through judicial activism what they cannot win at the ballot box.

Rush Limbaugh

We could not have had a clearer result in the strike ballot.

Frank Bsirske

I don't have anything to say about him. He's not a candidate until he's on the ballot.

Brian Herman

The ballot box is the surest arbiter of disputes among free men.

James Buchanan

It's on the ballot to refine a previously passed amendment.

Bob Woods

The council will decide when it will be on the ballot.

Sung Yang

Voters see little on the ballot that connects to their current concerns.

Mark Baldassare

A lot of Republicans have told me that they were thankful to have a choice on the ballot.

Mike Fjetland

I expect this to be a significant area of ballot initiative in 2006.

Kristina Wilfore

We were looking at what was on the ballot, not what was not on the ballot.

Jeanne Clark

You could never put this on a ballot and make sense of it.

Mike Heiligenstein

So much for a secret ballot not controlled by the NHLPA.

Trent Klatt

He wants to place our rights up for a popular vote on the ballot.

Dan Furmansky

It's extremely prohibitive. They want to have one name and only one name on the ballot.

Rick Lacey

I will absolutely be on the ballot. I will be on the ballot under any circumstance.

Tom Suozzi

The ballot did not take place on the date he claimed.

Aaron Mokoena

What if, say, somebody doesn't get a ballot in time or it gets lost in the mail?

Phil Hare

My count suggests it would go to a second ballot.

John Shadegg

We just want to put it on the ballot so people can have a choice.

Stephen Johnston

When they're on the ballot, it means the candidate can't ignore them.

Elizabeth Garrett