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The first thing his lawyers will do now is to fight to get him out of detention and on bail.

Jose Miguel Vivanco

With these two charges his bail is $250,000 cash-only.

Bruce Graham

I'm trying to make a decision on bail, and your comments are not helpful to me.

Chris Wickham

A man of courage never needs weapons, but he may need bail.

Lewis Mumford

We dismissed the charges with no bail and no conditions.

Michael Healey

We filed a motion to increase his bail.

Tandra Simonton

Who obviously skipped school and bail?

Anne Robinson

My first thought was, bail 'em out for Christmas.

Martha Bennett

I am not surprised at the million dollar cash bail.

John Hayes

It's not unusual. We have no authority to hold them if they can make the bail.

Allen Moore

We applied for bail at 23:00 and he was released on a warning.

Riaan Louw

The only way somebody would be able to get out of that building would be to bail out of the windows.

Rob Taylor

We did not bail out at six, eight, 10 months. We finished the year. We accomplished what we set out to do.

Len Critcher

We will appeal in the high court and he will get bail.

Vikas Kapoor