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We misunderstood the nature of what we thought would happen after Baghdad.

Lindsey Graham

You don't have to go to Baghdad, but you can be in Florida and be a part of what that story is all about.

Jenny Thompson

You can't win in Anbar, Baghdad or anywhere else except politically.

Anthony H. Cordesman

He put me in the boot of his car and drove me alone and dropped me in the middle of Baghdad.

Joe Carroll

It's downtown Baghdad ... insane.

Denise Bollinger

In this awful mess of Baghdad thank God there is one bright light anyway.

Bruce Kent

In some areas of Baghdad, there are those that would hide him and those that would passively allow him to operate.

Lance Smith

There was no crash in the Baghdad stock exchange, no crash ever, never.

Walid Sharif

They are in Baghdad to work and they will work their butts off as long as they are there.

Mark Gwozdecky