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They can kill you with the bacteria, with the toxic mold.

Rosemary Shahan

He readjusted his bite, so he really got the bacteria in the finger.

Harry Bloechle

So far, there's no one that can give you the risk of bacteria in the sand.

Roger Fujioka

They all have in common that they are bacteria caused by bowel and feces.

Lisa Kennedy

If there are all these different kinds of bacteria, there must be all kinds of chemicals that they're making.

Jo Handelsman

If you don't get bacteria in your nose, mouth or eyes, it doesn't get in the body.

Dennis Klukan

You don't want to let bacteria set up shop and invade.

Dr. Ken Gershman

Some agencies are contending that the bacteria will die off, but we're finding it alive and causing infections.

Dr. Wilma Subra

Bacteria and viruses are two very distinct, separate entities.

Dr. Donald Hardman

There's lot of spoiled meat, a lot of bacteria that needs to be cleaned up.

Bob Allen

Environmental bacteria and viruses are so prolific they're on everything.

Douglas Garrett