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I don't know if he has any backup for what he was saying.

Madeline Schmidt

The regional centers are our backup.

John Pinkerton

That's too early to check out. I would like to have (a backup) set up and running.

Richard Ahlquist

Always have a backup plan.

Mila Kunis

Traffic backup at the railroad track is a concern.

Bill Little

I don't plan on being a backup.

Adrian Klemm

Anybody who's in a backup situation has always got to be prepared to step in.

Jim Zalesky

Everyone was able to flush and shower and there was no backup.

Kent Carlson

Both the primary and backup were lost simultaneously.

Bruce Buckingham

We probably have backup supplies from 1992. For peace and harmony I have to do these things.

W. Lee Grant

He's going to practice with my backup skates and equipment.

Jason Muzzatti

Now anybody who has a computer room wants a backup generator.

Roger Spencer

It's way overdue. You have no idea how much the amount of [runway] backup there is.

Michael Pierce

And we've also got a backup plan if Montreal does go away.

Kevin Kalkhoven

You don't want to be a deadbeat back there. But any backup catcher is a deadbeat.

Kelly Stinnett

Some companies are looking at this as a backup connection option.

Skip Taylor

I loved it. I served as the backup announcer.

Mike Sardella

We have a backup plan in place if they are too overcome with emotion.

Emily Blomme