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Our boys averaged 193. It was one of the top averages. We didn't make it.

Louis Benevides

We are satisfied with the report. It was accurate. In several areas, we were near or above averages.

Donna Griffin

Law of averages. We've played pretty well in some of them and had some not go our way.

Jason Young

I think those averages can be deceiving. Some of our principals are young.

Cynthia Lowery

That's what we do, ... Ben probably averages a hundred yards a game, but he does it on 10 carries.

Marty Richards

We don't have anyone who can deal with Quigley. She averages 22 and 12 and we don't want her going off for 28 and 20 or 25 and 15.

Jacques Curtis

We didn't shoot near our averages.

Doug Warren

I feel like a fugitive from the law of averages.

William H. Mauldin