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You have to have a few things: You have to have a site, and you have to have the labor availability. And you have to have cash.

Mike Randle

We've been running at 53 percent occupancy, so we'll have availability.

Phillip Jones

Otherwise the only limitation is dictated by availability of the building.

Larry Engel

Rig availability is a bigger issue for them.

Duane Spencer

Now there's availability of water but there will be the delayed impact on agriculture.

Peter Ambenje

It has been a depressed availability year.

John Brock

There's issues with the availability of the right-of-way.

Jack Hoffman

What frightens me is not the price of gas but the availability of gas, ... It just worries me.

Ted Johnson

A lot of companies are calling for availability, but we're committed to FEMA.

Don Zimmer

That availability has re-emerged as a top issue for these companies.

Dave Femia

There is probably, if anything, a shortage of availability of styles.

John Shanley