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Officials have not yet said who they are or when they were arrested, but authorities believe they've solved the case.

Pete Williams

The Syrian authorities are responsible.

Detlev Mehlis

Our reservations remain and we will continue to raise them with the appropriate authorities.

Sandro Bondi

I have heard of local authorities without a single engineer.

Rudolf Gouws

It is certainly something authorities would want to pay attention to.

Mark Pitcavage

We will dispose of the water in consultation with the local authorities.

Philip Hughes

The Iranian authorities have yet to react to [it].

Lars Knuchel

We don't want to give the authorities any excuse for violence.

Isa Gambar

We are sending the help wherever the U.S. authorities request us to.

Carlos Gonzalez

The authorities in Belgrade ... want to avoid this event.

Marko Milosevic

The mood of the people now is different. The people will laugh now, and that is what the authorities are most afraid of.

Aleksandr Milinkevich

On April 24 the ruling will be handed to the prison authorities, which will have ten days to appeal.

Natalya Terekhova

He has cooperated with authorities and answered all their questions.

Leslie Ballin

We do have new abilities, new protocols, new responsibilities and new authorities in these agencies, and we must learn how to use them properly.

Richard Armey

We have not heard anything from the concerned authorities.

Gurbir Singh

You didn't call about her wrists. You didn't call about your wife running off. You never called authorities.

William Schultz

I think they'll negotiate with antitrust authorities and will come up with a solution.

Victor Lazarovici

Law enforcement authorities have been after him for a long time.

John Goodwin

The talks are still ongoing with the Chinese authorities.

Michael Jennings

Had it been up to the Mexican authorities, this would never have happened.

Victor Clark

If it's one like 1918 ... then we have to have health authorities make very hard decisions about who should get this.

Frederick Hayden

Know that we are fully cooperating with the authorities. You can be sure of that.

Marty Heires

He's been cooperative with authorities on this and all matters.

John Cullen

We would advocate making a report to the authorities and then dropping into the background.

Frank Putnam

The real power ... is not the elected authorities.

Andreas Gross

The authorities in Belgrade are not allowing this.

Marko Milosevic

We are cooperating fully and extensively with the authorities on this matter.

Mark Herr

We have an obligation to submit all the documents requested by the authorities.

Juan Fernandez

The strike is on across the country and will not be called off till our demands are met by the authorities.

Umesh Nayak

He will be worried that the authorities will not let him walk any further in Russia.

Keith Bushby

It's very controversial, but the authorities eventually ruled that they are not Cuauhtemoc's remains.

National Institute

We are investigating the incident and are working closely with the authorities.

Doug Killian

But everybody has seen it and the authorities can make up their mind whether there is anything to answer.

Eddie O'sullivan