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I'd desperately love England to beat the Australians.

Stuart Law

Australians are pretty blunt and we say things how they really are.

Charlie Bell

It's a generation of Australians that one wonders if we will ever see again in the future.

Anne Kelly

We've shown the Australians in their backyard what we can do. We've not been afraid to go out there and take them on.

Ross Davenport

We're Australians. We're not intimidated. By anybody.

Trent Durrington

The Australians have teleported a laser beam.

Art Bell

Australians need to ask themselves whether this is an acceptable outcome.

Greg Bourne

We stuffed the Australians in their own backyard.

Ross Davenport

To change now would be to panic. The Australians are not so far off the pace that they cannot catch up.

Patrick Smith

I don't need to tell the Australians (anything).

Mark Boucher

After ... all this talk about terrorism it is so good that Australians overcame adversity.

Lord Mayor

Not the worst thing that could happen from [the Australians'] point of view.

Craig Wright

We're pretty tired and haggard, but the Australians are in the same boat.

Neil Walker