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He got really attached to her, she sat on his knee and he sang along to her.

Anna Friel

I met Sam on a whim. I handed him a flyer and he attached himself to this.

Guy Perotti

I don't want to be attached to you, either. I want to do some things you don't know about.

Catherine Fowler

Someone offered me a bunch of money for it. I couldn't do it. I'm too attached.

Tim Kirby

And you can't be attached to creature comforts.

Marcia Mcbeath

Most of us are attached at the hip to what we play. We would never leave without it.

John Fairlie

The store and warehouse is attached.

Chris Fecera

The garage will be a mirror image of the existing attached garage.

Chris Kurth

Have a mind that's open to everything, get attached to nothing.

Gary Busey

I am very fond of Ann Arbor; very attached to the Great Lakes region.

Nancy Reisman

There is evidence that the explosive materials were attached to the body.

Made Mangku Pastika

People get attached to these things. It's really heartbreaking to take them back.

Debra Harris

You become attached to where you are. People know where to find us.

Lana Stanley

But this phenomenal thing happens - even though you are the same guy with the same script - when you have a producer attached.

David Steinberg

Out of all three of our children, she seemed to be really attached to it.

Tom Remillard

We cannot swing up on a rope that is attached only to our own belt.

William Ernest Hocking

They didn't want that stigma attached to them.

Mary Hanley

There are no strings attached to that for us.

Kate O'connor