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I would go to Atlanta if they give me an extra part.

Andy Finley

If we can go into Atlanta and get this win however we can do it, we'll be right back in the mix.

Vinny Testaverde

They've all been really great here. Atlanta, I can't even tell you what a great organization they are.

Jeff Pyle

No one's ever come to Atlanta for tourism.

Bernie Marcus

All of a sudden, people knew Atlanta.

Spurgeon Richardson

Can't wait to step on the ice in Atlanta.

Marian Hossa

Tech is in the heart of Atlanta, and it's where our kids [affected by HIV and AIDS] live.

Garrett Gravesen

We're moving up to the Atlanta area.

Greg Baloga

If you don't like the way the Atlanta Braves are playing then you don't like baseball.

Chuck Tanner

The whole Atlanta scene is one big music circle.

Bobby Valentino

The people in Atlanta are not concerned.

Richard Orr

Obviously if this is that big of a hit, this may be an annual event for Atlanta, so we may have to up our eggs, too.

Christine Parker

... we have received confirmation from CDC Atlanta that the two, N and M, are positive.

Hariadi Wibisono

We all learned from Steve in Atlanta that you don't open your gob too soon.

Matthew Pinsent

This could have been us in Atlanta right now, living in this building.

Young Jeezy

This is just a critical time for Atlanta Habitat.

Larrie Del Martin

We had been at Warehouse C-11 in Atlanta, where we had played before.

Robert Price