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Be honorable yourself if you wish to associate with honorable people.

Welsh Proverb

Calling your ex is what most people associate drunken dialing with.

Scott Crosby

They associate people with a handout.

Willie Puz

What happens is you do not associate the sound with that. But you associate it with the shape of the space.

Joe Ketner

If we were faultless we should not be so much annoyed by the defects of those with whom we associate.

Francois de Fenelon

They associate Montana with the Wild West.

Gary Funk

He set up an appointment, he said his associate would come over tomorrow, could he meet with her.

Jim Mills

It's one thing to have him as a novelty as a customer. It's another thing to have him as an associate.

Matt Epstein

We see them, but we don't associate with them.

Chris Ferguson